Cobb Funeral Home is the Contract manager for the Cemeteries

Owners, Billy Curl and Walt Jordan are proud to announce the acquisition of Elmwood Cemetery (founded in 1918), Dogwood Cemetery (started in 1943, during World War II) and Memorial Park Cemetery (also started in 1943). They cover approximately 45 acres and are the peaceful and serene sites of our greatest treasures. Elmwood, Dogwood and Memorial Park Cemetery tell the story of past generations, as memorials and inscriptions record the achievements of the past. The cemeteries, through their general appearance and atmosphere, speak also of the living and how well they have kept the faith with those who have passed on. Our cemeteries are peaceful, perpetual care, park-like settings and we offer a variety of burial options ranging from in-ground burials to crypt and scattering gardens. We have always been proud of the established traditions of Cobb Funeral Home and Cemeteries and the relationships developed over many years of trust. Owners, management and staff look forward to carrying on past traditions and to developing new offerings, packaging and events that will carry on thru generation after generation. It is our goal to ensure no matter what need arises we will address it in a timely and accurate manner. Once again we look forward to serving all your needs.