Pre-Arrangement Center

Can you imagine providing for and protecting your family your entire life and not doing it for the time they may need it most?   Preplan2

With a pre-arranged funeral, you'll have a plan that will…

  • Guarantee ALL of the costs
  • Let you make those important decisions now, as a family
  • Eliminate emotional overspending
  • Protect your burial funds from long term care or illness
  • Protect your family's peace of mind today and tomorrow

Some folks may believe that pre-arranging a funeral means they have to sign up and buy something right then and there.  Some companies may want you to believe that, but the fact is pre-arrangement can take about an hour and cost you nothing.

How can I get started?
Call us to make an appointment or request our free video entitled "Pre-Arrangement: The Thoughtful Decision". You'll get factual answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about pre-arranging a funeral. There is no cost and no obligation.  It is what you expect from people you can rely on.


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You can mail this completed document for us to keep on file. Viewing this document requires Adobe Reader. Download a free copy here.

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Whether you are planning for yourself or a loved one, our staff will help you with all the details.

Learn the Benefits of Pre-Planning

At Cobb Funeral Home, we have made a commitment to the funeral service profession and, likewise, to you.  This commitment appears in many ways and continues to be one of the most important reasons why people choose Cobb Funeral Home.